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Among beer aficionados there's an on-going debate about the difference between the styles of porter and stout. At RVB we believe that the line between the two is drawn where the dominant flavor of the brew changes from chocolate (porter) to coffee (stout). "Floor-malted" Maris Otter malt, imported from England , is the base upon which six other malts are added provide the complex richly malty flavor and body to this brew. (One of these malts, brown malt, is a malt style that had been on the brink of extinction.) This recipe is based on a popular London porter recipe from the 1850s, but it's been updated for modern ingredients and palates. Only English East Kent Goldings and Fuggles hops are generously used. This gives it an unrivaled complexity. Sweet, Malty and chocolaty, our porter is also assertively hopped. This is a great beer to go with red meat.

suffern station porter
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